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If your interested in tasting something new, then our Foreign and Exotic meats section is for you. Alternative meats are a fantastic low fat, low cholesterol option. Our meats are tender, flavoursome and delicious. Our exceptional selection of meats ranges from Crocodile to Ostrich and from Zebra to Springbok. More people than ever before are turning to alternative meats to eat as part of a health conscious yet delicious diet. Why not give them a go, we're sure you'll find a favourite.

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Bison Meat
Bison meat has a rich, beef-like taste. Being lower in cholesterol and calories yet higher in iron and protein makes bison a perfect beef substitute for the health conscious, or those on restricted red meat diets. In fact, bison has less cholesterol than chicken with the skin removed or even most fish! Slightly “sweeter” than beef. Bison is tasty, tender and nearly fat free containing 70% to 90% less fat than beef. (depending upon the cut of the meat).Because of the lean qualities, it is best prepared rare to medium rare for burgers, steaks and roasts.
Bison: Bison Steaks 300g 2/pkt £15.95
Bison Roasting Joint 1kg £44.00
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Buffalo Meat
Water Buffalo is some of the tastiest, most tender buffalo you will ever taste. Water Buffalo looks and tastes like the highest quality beef. Water Buffalo Meat contains less fat than beef and has the additional benefit of being a valuable source of Omega 3.Buffalo meat is also lower in cholesterol and higher in mineral content than beef.
Buffalo: Diced Buffalo 400g £6.95
Buffalo Steak 2/pkt 300g £6.99
Buffalo Burgers 4/pk £6.95
Buffalo Sausages 6/pk £4.95

Crocodile Meat
Crocodile meat has a delicate flavour. Only tail meat is used in our steaks and is very similar to veal in texture, but is said to taste like chicken, rabbit, fish or frog's legs. Tail meat is white and tender. Crocodile meat is considered to be healthier than domestic chicken, especially when it comes to cholesterol and fat content. The meat is high in protein. The meat should be cooked for two minutes on either side and then allowed to stand for a few minutes. It is best served just cooked (in red meat terms, medium rare). Do not use a large number of ingredients (other than herbs or spices) - no more than three is recommended so as not to hide its natural flavor. If frying, always use butter or olive oil as they will not impart a flavour that is unique.
Crocodile: Crocodile Steak 200g £9.00
Crocodile Burgers 100g each (4/pk) £7.50

Elk Meat
In comparison to other red meats, elk is a leaner choice. Although the fat in elk is mostly saturated, the meat contains more monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fat than beef.Elk also has a higher iron and zinc content than beef and pork.One of meat's greatest contributions to your diet is its high protein content.Elk meat is said to be the finest of venison, with a mild taste and virtually no marbling, which results in less shrinkage than other red meats.
Elk: Elk Haunch Steak 300g 2/pkt £15.75
Diced Elk 350g £5.95
Elk Burgers 4/pkt 400g £5.95
Elk Sausages 6/pkt 385g £4.25
Elk Roasting Joint 1kg £21.00

Exotic Burgers
The very best of alternative meat burgers,low in fat and cholesterol Four burgers to a pack.Aprox. 420 grams
Specialist Burger: Buffalo £6.95
Venison £5.20
Kangaroo £4.95
Wild Boar £5.95
Springbok £4.95
Zebra £6.95
Llama £4.95
Alpaca £4.95

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